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Hello, friend! So happy you're here! My name is Shania, the girl behind the camera. I am a self-taught photographer, and love to work on my craft every day. I’m constantly looking for inspiration in the world around me, and coming up with fresh ideas to create unique art with a purpose. 


Like many other creatives, I found myself uninspired by the traditional higher education route, and looking for more. Photography has always been my calling, and finally, I listened. I dropped out of college, and moved to Nashville, TN in 2019 with a dream and a goal to build my photography business. Inspired by the sea of creativity Nashville has to offer, my desire was to work with models, musicians, artists and social media influencers. Which, I did! I’m so grateful for the opportunities Nashville gave me, but, it was time to move on. LA was calling me, and again, I listened. I am doing photography full time here in Los Angeles, and constantly finding inspiration in what this beautiful desert city has to offer. 


I love trying new photography and editing techniques to keep my work fresh and trend-setting; while also incorporating the unique style and vision of my clients to create eye-catching photos that will set you apart from the rest. I pride myself on giving my clients the very best work and experience possible, that they won’t find elsewhere.                                    


Fun facts about me, I love avocados, my favorite artist at the moment is Still Woozy. I love a good band tee, and I like to break out in a dance all the time. Be prepared because yes, I will be singing and dancing during the shoot; I can’t help myself! I can’t wait to meet you!


Xo, Shania 




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